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I think the getting all the three options would be a big seller for this car. It seems like they made the 2008's without all three included. I saw another 2009 G8 GT, red, with all three options on eBay. The blue 2009 with all three options was gone.

I wonder why they don't show the inventories of the 2009's on the Pontiac website?

Question on the Sport Option, which is really the 19 in wheels. Why does it say you get a "sport" steering wheel? From what I can see it appears the steering wheel doesn't change once you get a G8 GT. Is this just a mistake in their literature? or is there really a difference with the "sport" option?

The car I would be looking for would be white, have all three options and the red inserts in the interior. I wonder how many will be made like that for 2009? I saw on eBay a 2009 just like it but without the "sport" option.

I'm looking forward to seeing the 2009 GXP version and the 20 in wheels and compare that to what they have now. I wonder what the price difference will be over the other 2009's?
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