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Originally Posted by VQ35DE View Post
Change it now to Mobil 1.
Thx for the feedback...
I was actually thinking to do just an oil change @500 using a good non-synth oil and not change the filter (of course I'll drop the filter to empty it). Then @1500 change the oil and filter to Mobil 1.
This way I'm pretty much through any "Break-In" before I let the Mobil 1 change stay in for 5K miles. I just want to get that year-old oil out and get through "break-in" before going to regular oil change intervals (with Mobil 1). I guess as far as the filter (and oil for that matter) goes, I'm "Cheapping-Out" because the darn filter cost $11.50 at Walmart! I'm still debating the filter replacement @500 miles, don't want to be "penny wise - dollar foolish"! It's just that I can't believe the filter is "spent" after only 500 miles.

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