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Originally Posted by djmiu View Post
I have got a new GT G8 as well, and have the same question (now I have 800 miles)...also what brand and type of oil do you recommend? I have never used Synthetic, but was thinking of making the switch now...should I do synthetic with such few miles or wait a bit, for the seals to break in with conventional oil, etc?

I was thinking of using Mobil 1.

I have a 2009.5 G8 GXP that I assume came with Mobil 1 since it has Mobil 1 on the head of the dip stick. I am getting ready to change oil since I have 4500 miles on the car and I'm going to continue with Mobil 1. I have used it in my other vehicles and I'm very satisfied with it. My question is can I use a K&N oil filter? Is it adaptable to the LS3 engine?
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